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Wedding menu

Cocktail hour 

Choose 4-5 dishes

  1. Whole smoked salmon ( Market price )

  2. Black caviar ( Market price )

  3. Grilled pitta medallions topped with cream cheese and red caviar

  4. Grilled pitta medallions topped with cream cheese and lox

  5. Sushi platters ( Market price )

  6. Jumbo shrimp cocktail 

  7. Fresh mozzarella and sweet cherry tomatoes on a skewer

  8. Sweet melon with prosciutto 

  9. Homemade middle eastern platter ( hummus, tzatziki, Greek olives, hot pitta bread ) 

  10. Kosher beef meatballs with red sweet peppers and honey mustard 

  11. Gourmet cheese and fruit platters

  12. Feta cheese and watermelon wedges

  13. Wood smoked salmon salad served on grilled pitta bread 

  14. Crab salad made with real Alaskan crab meat on french baguette crostini  

  15. Charcuterie meat platter with olives

  16. Puff pastries filled with red caviar and whipped cream cheese 

  17. Pellegrino water and Cranberry juice

  • We can also provide you with tables, chairs, linens, dance floor, lighting, tents etc.

  • Check our PREFERRED VENDORS page for great musicians, DJ's, florists and photo booth services



Please select 9 cold or hot appetizers combined


 19. Jumbo shrimp and mussels served with red, green peppers and white French sauce

 20. Stuffed sweet tomatoes with mozzarella cheese, dill and garlic

 21. Pickled vegetables

 22. Traditional Olivier salad or "Tatyana" salad

 23. Japanese salad made with fancy crab meat, roasted sesame seeds and seaweed

 24. Beef tongue salad with red, green sweet peppers, onions and white sauce

 25. Our famous wood smoked salmon

 26. Chilean Sea Bass

 27. Stuffed chicken roulette, veal tongue and basturma

 28. Jellied Sea Bass ( заливная )

 29. Seared tuna served with spring mix, sliced almonds and cranberries

 30. Grilled vegetables saute

 31. Grilled vegetables with extra virgin olive oil balsamic vinegar and cilantro

 32. Avocado salad with red, green peppers and sweet tomatoes

 33. Large sweet tomatoes with fresh mozzarella cheese, fresh basil olive oil and herbs de Provence

 34. Fresh baby spinach salad with strawberries, pecans and red wine vinaigrette dressing

 35. Seafood salad on a green mix with lemon zest, jumbo shrimp and muscles

 36. Sweet beet salad topped with pecans

 37. Tender duck breast served with fresh green salad, roasted almonds and cranberries



Hot appetizers

 38. Roasted potatoes with mushroom, garlic and dill

 39. Pirogies with chicken or cabbage

 40. Blintzes with red caviar

 41. Julienne


Main course

Choose 2-3 dishes served with saffron rice


 42. Fire grilled tender chicken or pork

 43. Lamb chops with rosemary and thyme

 44. Duck baked with fresh fruit and honey

 45. Lula-kebab

 46. Pork chops with mushroom and melted cheese

 47. White fish with lemon-butter sauce

 48. Stuffed quills marinated with Kailua and cranberries



 49. Fruit platters ( strawberries, raspberries, blackberries, pineapple, watermelon, red and green grapes )

 50. Coffee

 51. Tea

 52. Cream


Other items


  • Bread

  • Club soda

  • Cranberry juice


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