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Cold Appetizers:

  1. Shrimp cocktail made with jumbo shrimp, our home made cocktail sauce with fresh lemons

  2. Arugula Salad made with Gorgonzola cheese, sweet  red and green peppers, onions, sweet cherry tomatoes, dry cranberries and pecans topped with homemade dressing

  3. Wood smoked Alaskan salmon*

  4. Seafood mix served with green salad ( baby mussels, shrimp, calamari, octopus, and crab meat, olive oil, lemon juice.)

  5. Salmon and cream cheese rolls

  6. Home made chicken salad made with pecans, onions and grape.

Hot Appetizers:

 7. Roasted potatoes

 8. Stuffed mushrooms

 9. Blini with chicken and mushrooms

Main course:

 10. Chicken kebab of the grill (chicken thighs, spices, onion)

 11. Braised lamb made with carrots and onions

 12. Gourmet grilled beef patties with sweet onion and cheddar cheese

 13. Rice-pilaf

 14. French bread

For details and prices please contact us at:

Tel: 508-596-4263

Tel: 978-762-4631

Business Lunch Menu  #1

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Available Monday through Friday 11am - 2pm

Wood smoked Alaskan salmon

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